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Forever I’ve used the macOS Command-Shift-4 screenshot utility to measure things. Pressing it gets you a little crosshairs cursor which you can click-and-drag to take a screenshot but, crucially, has little numbers that tell you the width/height of the selection in pixels. It’s crude, but ever so useful.

See those teeny-tiny numbers in the bottom-right? So useful, even if they are tough to read.

PixelSnap is one of those apps that, once you see it, you’re like OMG that’s …

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Clearing Accidentally “Learned” Words from macOS Dictionary

Does this little moment strike fear into your heart?

Argahghg! Fat fingers! I meant to FIX the spelling, not learn this misspelled word!

Now forevermore, the spell checker won’t catch that misspelled word. Fear not, you can fix it.

When this happened to me recently, fortunately, Dave Bolger told me how to fix it.

@chriscoyier If you are on OS X you can easily delete those ~/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary edit in text editor, log back in to reload.

— Dave Bolger (@davebolger) …

Clearing Accidentally “Learned” Words from macOS Dictionary is a post from CSS-Tricks