Get Post List Thumbnails PRO Available: CSS Formats and Colors For Your Post Lists

After 10 versions, GPLWT got PRO, on a special version designed based on users requests after 20,000 downloads.

For only US$ 5, you can get GPLWT PRO, the ultimate version for Get Post List With Thumbnails WordPress plugin, with a lot of new exciting styling possibilities.

Using the multi widget feature, you can create as many custom posts lists as you need.

You can also use short codes to put the lists wherever you want.


Over than 34 CSS properties are configurable, like the main list background-color, links color(with hover color change), Cell vertical and horizontal-alignment, font-weight, padding, margin, borders and more!

Other great features:

  • Displays Posts, Custom Posts or Pages;
  • Vertical or Horizontal Orientation;
  • Get Posts by Category;
  • Exclude Specific Posts;
  • Exclude Specific Categories;
  • Get Posts With Specific Custom Key;
  • Custom Sort Posts;
  • Two Custom Table Layouts;

Buying GLPWT PRO, on a very special price, guarantee you access to Technical Support, to solve your doubts and help you with any questions.

It is the best and easiest solution to build posts lists for non-programmers.

Perfect for designers, artists, photographers, news sites and for everyone that needs to create custom post lists.


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