WordPress Custom Taxonomy Page Example with Taxonomy Selection Function(select field)

Today I’ll show something quite useful. With just four steps, we will build a custom taxonomy page, that uses a function to build a select field(<select>), that reloads the custom taxonomy page retrieving posts based on the selected option(the selected taxonomy for a specific custom post type). Hoje vou mostrar algo bastante útil. Com apenas […]

Retrieving The Total Number of Posts from a Specific Custom Post Type WordPress Taxonomy

The function bellow can be used to retrieve the total number of posts from a specific custom post type taxonomy in WordPress sites. There are only two steps, supposing you’ve registered a custom post type video and a taxonomy genre as I show on a previous post. A função abaixo pode ser usada para retornar […]

Displaying Info From a Specific Custom Taxonomy Term(Hierarchical Taxonomies) On WordPress

See also Custom Taxonomy Page Example. I’ve written before about registering and displaying custom post types on WordPress. So you’d better check my previous post to understand what is coming next(the example bellow is based on the previous post). Eu escrevi anteriormente sobre registrar e exibir tipos de posts customizados no WordPress. Então é melhor […]