CSS: A New Kind of JavaScript

In this wacky and satirical post, Heydon Pickering describes a wild new technology called Cascading Style Sheets that solves a lot of the problems you might bump into when styling things with JavaScript:

A good sign that a technology is not fit for purpose is how much we have to rely on workarounds and best practices to get by. Another sign is just how much code we have to write in order to get simple things done. When it comes …

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How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you looking to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS and install an SSL certificate on your website? We have been getting a lot of requests on this topic because Google announced that Chrome browser will start marking all websites without SSL as insecure starting… Read More »

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21 Best Medical and Health WordPress Themes

Are you looking for medical and health WordPress themes for your website? Medical and healthcare services websites are different than other business websites, and you would want your design to stand out. In this article, we have hand-picked the best medical and health WordPress themes… Read More »

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How to Add a Currency Converter in WordPress

Do you want to add a currency converter on your blog? A currency converter allows your website visitors to quickly calculate exchange rate of different currencies without leaving your website. In this article, we will show you how to easily add a currency converter in… Read More »

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Random Day in the Life of a Developer

Yesterday, I started going through my email as soon as I got to work. I always start my day with email. I kinda like email. I read some interesting things in keeping up with the industry. I deal with some business things. I handle with some personal things. I make a note of the most important stuff going on.

Then I kept working!

I fixed a bug that was affecting Firefox exclusively. This code would set some elements in a …

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Hyperlinking Beyond the Web

Hyperlinks are the oldest and the most popular feature of the web. The word hypertext (which is the ht in http/s) means text having hyperlinks. The ability to link to other people’s hypertext made the web, a web — a set of connected pages. This fundamental feature has made the web a very powerful platform and it is obvious that the world of apps needs this feature. All modern platforms support a way for apps to register a URI

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Emojis as Icons

There are lots of unicode symbols that make pretty good icons already, like arrows (←), marks (✘), and objects (✂︎).You can already colorize these like a normal font glyph. Then, there are emojis, those full-color suckers we all know about. What if you could take just the shape of an emoji and use it like a normal glyph? You can!

Preethi Sam shows how:

.icon {
color: transparent;
text-shadow: 0 0 #ec2930;

Plus, an alternate technique using background-clip. …

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I recently wrote Here’s the thing about “unused CSS” tools, where I tried to enumerate all the challenges any tool would have in finding truly “unused” CSS. The overarching idea is that CSS selectors match elements in the DOM, and those elements in the DOM come from all sorts of places: your static templates, dynamic templates based on server-side state, and of course, JavaScript, which can manipulate the DOM in any way at all, including pull things from APIs …

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Fast, Good, Local Site Search with Jetpack

If you have, say, 20 posts/pages on your WordPress site, the search functionality that is baked right into your self-hosted WordPress site will probably do a great job. Search is a pretty cool feature to ship with WordPress, truth be told. But as a site grows, you’ll find limits. How it works behind the scenes is a touch over my head, but as I understand it, it does a MySQL LIKE query on your post titles and post content. It

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